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闇の森の親子4コマ | ミサキアキ [pixiv]

闇の森の親子4コマ ② | ミサキアキ [pixiv]

This started off cute and just got MORE AND MORE ADORABLE I JUST CAN’T.

the one with the crown! AGH


★ 9th MatchWigs weekly giveaway ! ★

hey guys, i’ll now be hosting a weekly giveaway for a $30 voucher from MatchWigs! it’s a super lovely, online store that sells high- quality wigs. what i mean by a weekly giveaway is that you’ll literally have the chance to win a free wig every week. since this is a weekly giveaway, though, the deadline ends in seven days ( or april 30th ! ) and a winner will be chosen by random.

★ rules:

  • reblog as much as you like but know that only one is counted !
  • must be following ( princifer) and ( matchwigs ) ! this giveaway is for my followers !
  • no giveaway blogs, please.
  • and likes do not count !
  • international shipping !
  • and if you’re under eighteen, please get parental consent to enter.

★ prizes:

  • a $30 voucher at
  • an additional $5 to anyone who adds their banner to their blog front ! ( details here )

★ starts: april 23rd ★

★ ends: april 30th ★

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